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Palmajua – The Beauty of North Bengal | Bengal’s Secret Paradise | Incredible India

At an altitude of 7250 ft, Palmajua is a small village in our Incredible India which is situated in the district of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Mainly the place is considered the halting place of tourists and trekkers. It is a place popular among the class of tourists who wants the serenity and tranquility of the mountainous region. The place is well guarded by the beautiful forests and the snow-covered peaks which are viewed from here.

Way to Reach:

To reach Palmajua the travelers have to come to Manebhanjan which is a place that can be reached from Darjeeling, New Jalpaiguri, or Bagdogra easily. While traveling all have to cross small locations like the hamlets of Batasi and Dhotrey.

A downhill journey of about five kilometers will have to be done from Dhotrey. Actually, the journey from Manebhanjan to Palmajua must be done in a four-wheeler jeep only.

While trekking down from Sandakphu the tourists have to go through a hamlet named Barahatta and then come to the ultimate destination Palmajua. Rimbik is another prominent point to reach Palmajua. In about four hours through trekking or forty minutes, the car journey can make you unable to reach the desired place.

Experience in Palmajua:

Actually, Palmajua is a place where everyone can find peace away from the crowd and noise of the cities. The wonderful view of Kanchenjunga and the landscape surrounded by the forests are significant here. In the fringe of Singalila National Park lies our Palmajua. Rammam Hydro Project, Dhotrey, Srikhola, Neghma, and Sandakphu are some other spectacular places around it.

Where to Stay:

Singalila Jungle Lodge is the ultimate destination to stay in Palmajua. Across nine acres of lush forest and plantation, the lodge is spread. The noise which only can be heard here is the chirping of birds. The views of Singalila National Park and Rimbik are the other attractions here.

The traditionally made Napalese-style cottages will enlighten the mind. Well-furnished rooms are available with an attached bath. There is an annexed building also. Some rooms contain fireplaces to fight the cold weather. An organic kitchen garden is there for personal use. Nature walks, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing, bonfire, and BRQ are some other options to enjoy life here.

Land rovers can be booked from here to visit the Sandakphu.

An Unknown Destination:

It is a secret paradise and can be called a hidden gem situated amidst the Singalila National Park. One can rejuvenate oneself in the lap of Mother Earth by spending one or two days. It is a totally calm and quiet region with a rare collection of rare species of birds. It is a really new known destination where any person can unwind himself with a short trip.

Palmajua is situated in the district of Darjeeling in our Incredible India in between Dhotrey and Srikhola. Being a hidden place the place is always preferred by the trekkers before going back to Manebhanjan. For that reason, Palnajua is still a hidden pearl to rejuvenate oneself in the lap of nature.

How to Reach:

From New Jalpaiguri or from Siliguri a share cab is available for Mirik. From Mirik to Manebhanjan cab is available according to availability. With the help of another cab that is on its way to Rimbik or Srikhola, one can get down at Palmajua as a mid destination. Booking a cab for personal use is also available. Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is well connected with all the parts of the country. Through train, it is possible to reach up to New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri. Roadway service is available but the rocky paths are in such a pathetic situation that the Landrovers are the only vehicles to take the pressure.

Another Route to Reach:

Through Dhudia one can also reach the place which is like a framed picture with the facilities of homestays. The food in the Dhabas is a great one. On the way to Palmajua Mirik will be there. But the beauty of Mirik is lost, so it is better without stopping there to take a glimpse of the tea gardens nearby. The journey through foggy tea estates will give all a different charm. Thurba and Gopaldhara are some other amazing tea estates that are wonderful to be watched time after time.

The route from Mirik to Srikhola is going through the country of Nepal mainly in between the stretch of Pashupati and Simana View Point. The road has West Bengal of Incredible India on one side and Nepal on another side. Keep your mobile phone in flight mode unless you will be a part of International roaming. Beware of it. At Sukhia bakeries are famous for their muffins and cookies. After Sukhia the route of Manebhanjan starts. On the way to Dhotrey, a number of places are there where a person has to stay to enjoy the landscape.

After a journey of almost seven hours, Palmajua will be there in front of the destination. Singalila Jungle Lodge will give you an ultimate welcome which is warm and the assistance is awesome. Palmajua of Darjeeling will simply win the heart of all the people. The place is decorated beautifully with gardens, awesome flowers, decorative cottages, and none but not least the lush greenery all around. The foggy weather of North Bengal is full of liveliness and seems like the place’ The heaven on Earth’.

Singalila Jungle Lodge:

The proper place to stay is Palmajua which is run by a local family. Over nine acres of land, it is beautifully decorated with cottages, annexed buildings, and sprawling natural beauty all around. The chirping of birds is the only sound to be heard here. The spectacular view of Singalila National Park and the awesome landscape of Rimbik will enchant everyone.

The traditional Nepalese style is the main conception of the lodge which is the rarest one. The view of the organic garden will smoothen your mind.

Birds of Palmajua:

Lots of birds are there to watch in that place. The jungle will seduce the photographers to click the pics. Some very rear species of birds like Pink Throated Rosefinch, Leothrix, Blue Fronted Flycatcher, Fine Tailed Myzonis, Brown Throated Tree Creeper, Crested Kingfisher, etc are some examples of those.

Places around Palmajua:

Singalila National Park:

In 1986 this park is declared a Wildfire Sanctuary and is being described as an Indian National Park in 1992. The park is mainly used as the trekking route from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu and also to Phalut.

Darjeeling subdivision is the region where the place lies. The state of Sikkim bordered the North and Nepal in the West.

The park can be called a portion of the Eastern Himalayas. The Singalila Range which consists of the two highest peaks of West Bengal, Sandakphu and Phalut is situated here. River Rammam and River Sirikhola are two major rivers here.

The type of Biomes is significant in this place. These are according to the altitude. The Eastern Himalayan Subalpine Conifer Forest, Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf Forest, and Himalayan Sub Tropical Pine Forest are the three varieties here. The Biome exists in between the range of 1800 m to 3000m. From 3000 to 4500m we can get the temperate Biome.

Think Bamboo Oak, Magnolia, and Rhododendron forests are the beauties of this place. Two times a year the wildflowers bloom. Some poisonous trees are also there for which Sandakphu is called the ‘Mountain of poisonous plants.

A number of wild animals including Red Panda, Leopard Cat, etc are specialties. Tigers sometimes wander through the jungle.

It is a bird’s paradise in our Incredible India. Himalayan Vulture, Scarlett minivet, etc are some gems of this region. The endangered Himalayan Newt can be found here.


In the district of Darjeeling Dawaipani is a small Himalayan village which is situated just opposite Darjeeling Hill, Tiger Hill is famous for its portion. The meaning of the name of the village is ‘medicated water ‘which is taken from the local river Khola, gone through the village. Another attraction of the place is the lush pine trees. The place is famous for trekking, hiking, bird watching, farm visit, and cultural activities by local people.


A valley of about 300 mt below the town of Darjeeling, is remembered by all for its racecourse. The initial tea plantation of Darjeeling is situated here in the 1850s. Gurkha Stadium is another attraction. Other places included Golai Bazaar, Lebong Cricket Bazaar, tea estates, etc.


A unique destination, Chatakpur is a sparsely populated village that is famous for its panoramic view of the snow-clad and attractive Alpine forest. It was actually a timber den which is later converted into an eco-village to flourish tourism. It is endowed with rich flora and fauna. Chatakpur Watch Tower gives a spectacular view of Sandakphu. The Himalayan Range seems to have been crowned with jewels. Sometimes ‘Chumbakumba’ or the greatest Mount Everest is visible from here. This forest is the home of Black Himalayan bears, Leopards, etc. At night all can enjoy the beauty of the place by sitting under the starry sky.


A village in Darjeeling is important mainly because of being block Division of office and Hydel power projects.


Gurashey Forest Resort is the main attraction of this place from where the entire Kanchenjunga range can be visible. The unforgotten beauty of the sight would please everyone. The place is surrounded by different mountainous trees. In Spring, the Rhododendrons sparkle up the entire region. The journey through the tea estates is another specialty here.


It is an off-bit tourist destination on a hill above river Rammam which has entered from Sikkim to Bengal. It is close to Sikkim and Nepal border. It is mainly liked by the trekkers as Gurdung and Srikhola are very near here and can be reached through a forest rocky path.


A small town in Darjeeling district, the name has come from the Lepcha word Mir- Yok’ which means ‘place burnt by fire’. Sumendu Lake is the heart of Mirik. Rameetey Dhara is the viewpoint of the mountains. Raidhap, Debistan, and tea gardens can be added to a place to visit.


A small Himalayan village is located within the buffer zone of the Singalila National Park. Trekkers and nature lovers like the place. The place offers a wonderful track to Tonglu, the trek of which is an exquisite one. The majestic Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from here.


A small village with an elevation of 6956 ft Lepchajagat is located in the wilderness which is only 19 km away from Darjeeling. It’s an incredible village in our Incredible India. It is a proper place for nature lovers and for romantic couples. A place is actually a place of blending the vacation with an offbeat stay amidst nature. The name Lepchajagat means the hamlet of the Lepchas in the world. The area is now taken over by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation and is now designated as a reserved forest area.

It is a dense forest area containing Pine, Oaks, Rhododendrons, and a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga. Wonderful birdlife and tranquility is the main object here. During the night, the sound of cricket is the only disturbance that can disturb you. From the forest lodge, there are stairs that are the gateway to the forest. Through walking, one can reach HawaGhar to explore the view of mountainous places. The lucky people can view the five peaks of the Kanchenjunga massif.


A newly found offbeat destination Chatakdhara is just 18 km from Darjeeling in our Incredible India with an elevation of 6959 ft from the sea level. Lush green conifers forest is an absolute attraction. Intense serenity is magnificently predominant in this area. Stunning Mt Kanchenjunga, The Shiv Mandir, Hawanger View Point, etc are some panoramic views of beauty throughout the place. The place is containing a Plethora of tourist attractions and is a perfect destination for a short trip. Except for the time of monsoon the place is always visitable.


At the confluence of River Teesta and River Rangeet on one side and Mt Kanchenjunga on the other, it is a quiet location on the hilltop of Mangwa with natural beauty. The orange orchards are other attractions. Various types of birds can be seen here. TaklingPhunchokCholing Monastery is within walking distance. The mountain view from here is awesome. To rejuvenate your mind it is the proper place you are looking for. Baramajua is famous for its farmhouse which is a perfect place for spending time.

Homestays and Car Facilities:

All through the region of Palmajua homestays are available with good food and excellent accommodation with a view of the Himalayas. Transportation is frequent and pocket friendly.

Food of the Region:

Delicious foods are available here. Local squash fruit is a delicacy. Other food items like Momo, Thukpa, etc., are influenced by their surroundings.

Best Time to Visit:

Tourists come here all through the year. October to December is the best time as the sky is clear and the mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga is enjoyable.

Duration of Stay:

A short weekend is enough for the trip. If someone wants to enhance their beauty more it’s totally his or her choice.

Palmajua Culture and Dress:

The traditional mountainous dress is the specialty. Mainly warm clothes are worn to avoid the cold weather. The local culture of the place is enchanting and full of varieties.


Mainly the highland with a high altitude. Roads are rough and stony. Peaks are beautiful with their own charm.

Palmajua is a must-visit place for everyone who is bored with city life. Go and enjoy it. Have a nice holiday in Palmajua, a place in the Darjeeling district in our Incredible India. Bon voyage.

Weather in Palmajua:

The perfect weather of Palmajua in the Darjeeling district is varying from time to time. July is the hottest month with a temperature of almost 18 degrees. January is the coldest. Temperature sometimes is below zero degrees during winter. Snow occurs occasionally.

Food in Palmajua:

Usually, the food which is prepared in this region is simply thought delicious as family food which is made with organic ingredients and home-picked products. With the additional cost bonfires and barbeques are available. Fishing also can be arranged. Cultural programs are sometimes arranged to entertain the guests.

Palmajua is a must-visit place for everyone who is bored with city life. Go and enjoy it. Have a nice holiday in Palmajua, a place in the Darjeeling district in our Incredible India. Bon voyage.

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