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The Best Travel Guide of Nainital and Best Places to Visit | Incredible India

Situated around the Nainital Lake, Nainital is formerly a British Hill Station which is now a Himalayan Town Resort which is located in the Kumaon Region, in the state of Uttarakhand in our ‘Incredible India‘. The scenic beauty and natural wealth of the place instigate the tourists to visit the place once.

From boating to sailing every option is available here. Old temples and heritage buildings give this place an extra space. The Lake City of Nainital is an all-time favorite destination for couples and honeymooners.

The Name:

The name of the hill station is derived from the temple of ‘Goddess Naina Devi‘. The meaning of the word ‘Naina‘ is ‘Eyes‘ and ‘Tal‘ means ‘Lake‘.

History of Nainital:

In 1839 in an expedition, Mr. P Barron was the first person to visit Nainital. While visiting Nainital Lake, the view was so captivating that he decided to establish a European colony by the side of it. According to the local people, the belief is, that the water of the Lake has some divine power from the Goddess. So, by bathing in this lake, one can acquire a result of divine power like Manasarovar Lake.

Elevation and Boundaries:

The maximum length of the place is 1432 mt and the maximum width is 457 mt. The surface elevation is 1938 mt or 6358 ft. The rocks belonging to the Krol group are predominant here. The lake is formed tectonically. Frequent landslides are caused as the mountain slopes are highly vulnerable. It lies in the Siwalik Range of the Himalayas and is about one hundred and ten km from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

Time to Visit:

A year-round destination Nainital is but the best time to watch the scenic beauty of this place is in between March to June as the weather is favorable at that time and also the perfect time for boat riding during the month of winter snowfall might occur and the temperature sometimes goes under zero degree during the evening time.

Culture and Local Life:

The religious Kumaoni People are the main inhabitants of Nainital. The flavor of ‘Incredible India‘ can be tasted through their cultures and activities. As per their belief, ‘a black dot’ is placed behind their ear to keep off the Evil Spirit.

Ghagra- Pichora is the traditional attire of women. Married women use ‘Sindoor ‘ and ‘Nath’ and ‘Pithya ” is used during religious festivals. Men are wearing pajamas, a long coat, and a woolen cap.

The cuisine is mainly based on rice and its combinations. But tourists are advised to go through the local after having tested it.

Houses are mainly build-up of bricks, stones tin, mud, and grass. ‘Alpan’ is the name of the painting which is done here. The geometric representations, as well as pictures of Gods and Goddesses, are the specialty of art here.

Traditional dances like Chhoti Nritya, Jhora, and Chhapiti are some famous forms of local dances that mainly are devotional.

Festivals of Nainital:

Naina Devi Festival, Garjla Devi Festival, Sharodatsav, Holi Mahotsav, Hariyali Devi Fair, Ranibagh Fair, Vasantotsav, Chota Kailash Fair, etc. are some local festivals of here.

Places to Visit:

The town of Nainital is famous for its various attractions of different types. As the economy of the place mostly depends on tourism, various services are provided for the visitors.

Naini Lake:

The lake is situated in the middle of the town and works as its lifeline of it. Through boating, all can have the opportunity to drink the serene beauty of the mountainous region.

Naina Devi Temple:

The temple is renowned for Hindu worship all over the country. The Deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi or Mata Sati whose eyes are believed to be stored in this place.

Naina Peak:

With an average elevation of 2615 mt, this spot is known for its amazing panoramic view of the Nainital Valley.

Tiffin Top:

The most heart breathtaking view of the Himalayas can be watched from here. It is named after the English Painter Dorothy Keller. For this reason, another name for this place is Dorothy’s Seat.

St John in the wilderness:

The place is famous for its architecture, nature, and history. It is situated in a hidden and serene location amidst the Deodar forest.

Dr. G B Pant High Altitude Zoo:

Established in 1984, this zoo is the home of several exotic and endangered species like snow leopards, Tibetan Wolves, etc.

Snow View:

Located at an elevation of 2270 meters. Above sea level, it is reachable through cable car to watch the picturesque view of the snow-capped Himalayas and its other tops.

Land’s End:

Situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand, Land’s end is a favorite destination of the trekkers with a high elevation from sea level.

Eco cave garden:

This park is a combination of seven caves of which a narrow and winding road is the way to reach through. Best place for the children with musical fountains and also the light and sound program.

Bhimtal, Sattal, Ghorakhaletc are also some places around Nainital that can be the visiting places of the tourists.

Where to Stay?

Lots of hotels and homestays are there. You can book it by yourself or by online booking. All are neat and clean with a tranquil view of the surroundings. Budget hotels and homestays are also available.

Car facility:

Lots of cars are waiting there for the tourists. Drivers are experienced and the vehicles are in proper condition and also according to your pocket.

Time Duration:

To visit Nainital three nights and four days is enough. If someone wants to stay more it’s his or her choice.

How to Reach:

The fastest way to reach Nainital from Kolkata or Delhi is to Chandigarh airport by flight, then on road. By train, you have to reach Delhi. From there, a roadway journey can reach you to the destination. The overnight bus service is available from Delhi. Fares are pocket-friendly and vehicles are superb.

Nainital, a town in Uttarakhand, has a special place in our ‘Incredible India‘. The tourists always prefer this place as it is an amazing one. So, the suggestion is to get ready for the trip and enjoy the holiday. Bon voyage.

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