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The Top Twelve Most Beautiful Villages in India | Incredible India

The soul of India actually lies in the villages. The villages are the reflection of the culture and tradition of a country. Simple rural life which is untouched by modernity even today is the main attraction of the places. The rich cultural heritage of the villages makes them well-organized. To explore Incredible India, it is a must to explore the beautiful villages in India. It can’t be possible to describe the rustic beauty and charm in black and white. But it can be tried. So, the top twelve beautiful Indian villages will be described to know the ‘unity in diversity of our country.

Here is The List of the Top 12 Villages in India

Poovar, Kerala

Poovar is a little-known coastal village that lies at the southern end of Thiruvananthapuram. The untouched nature, golden beach, azure waters, and coconut palm trees make the place an unforgettable one. It is a proper place for those who are in want of utter rest and relaxation. Walking on the beach, boating in the backwater, know fishing is the most adventurous act of Poovar. Poovar beach is the main attraction, the blue and green water which is quite provoking to swim. Swimming is not allowed from the month of June to August due to heavy undercurrents. A water taxi is available for the journey. Next comes the backwater full of flora and fauna. A glimpse of native villages with deep mangrove forests, beautiful flowers, a row of coconut trees, and floating cottages will win anyone’s mind. Different resorts are there to stay. The place is also famous for its spa treatment. As for food four floating restaurants are there over River Neyyar. Seafood is the priority here but vegetables and meat are plentiful for food lovers. A tourist can dine with freshly caught fish and different food items. Thiruvananthapuram is the nearest airport and railway station to reach Poovar. Many Government and Private buses, as well as cabs, can enable all to reach the place.

Malana, Himachal Pradesh

An ancient village in India, Malana is a solitary hamlet which can be called a side valley of Parvati Valley, by the side of the Malana River with an elevation of 2652 meters. The people here strictly follow the custom and culture of ancient times. Their authorized language is Kanashi. The village is the subject of many documents. It is believed by the people that Malana is the oldest republic in the world. Jambul Devta is the powerful deity of the village and a team of 11 members is elected as the delegates of Jamblu who govern the village. Jambul is the ultimate decider and no other authority is required beyond him. The village is named the Athens of the Himalayas. The village seems to have a Hellenic connection. Several temples are there in the village. Malana is famous for its Malana cream which is a product of Cannabis plants, a product of the Parvati Valley. The remote village is mainly known for its charas and attracts has his lovers all over the world. The village is untouched by the outer society and is managing its own affair even today. The people here believed that they are the ascendants of Alexander and follow their rituals. The malawi’s always solved their conflict upon the death of the lamb. They make their own rules and still talk with their Devta. Malana cream won the prize of the best Harshis twice. Milana, the Magic Valley is a beautiful village in India that seems to be in the ancient ages now. Harfala masks Dance Festival is a spectacular one here. The nearest airport to reach Malana is Buntar. The 3 mountain passes enable Malana to be connected with Kullu Valley. The shortest way to reach Malana is through village Jari which is connected to Kullu Valley.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

A Hamlet in the district of Kullu, Kasol is situated by the side of the Parvati River and also in between Guntur and Manikaran. Actually, Kasol is the best base camp for the trekkers who are on their way to Malana and Kheer Ganga. As to a large number of Israeli Tourists the place is called the Mini Israel of India. Walking by the Parvati River is one of the greatest attractions of Kasol in our Incredible India. A rickety wooden Bridge is there over the river to cross it. The spot is supremely pleasant in the afternoon. The place is an ideal one for having a long walk. In between the imposing Hills and the fierce Bias, Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara is a must-visit. Take a long walk to Malana or Kheer Ganga is the other attraction. Israeli foods are famous in Kasol. One can try it in an outside Cafe or in a plush restaurant. The Turquoise Kasol and the evergreen in the full stop in the Hebrew inscribed cafes to get an experience of a lifetime. This Mini Israel will give you the proper taste of the food of that country from where lots of people are coming to visit the place. Bhuntar is the nearest airport the nearest rail station is Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station which is also a bus stand. Through NH 3 Manali you can reach Kasol.

Munsiyari, Kumaon

A hill station in the Himalayas former Munsiyari is one of the most beautiful villages in incredible India. The elevation of the village is 7 200 feet and the starting point of the trackers. The Uttrakhand forest department has created a lichenPark which is the first in India of its type. Different types of birds are another attraction of this place. It is the home to the Revolutionary and endangered bird species. The region is supported as an important Bird Sanctuary area by birdlife international. Madcoat, Birthi falls; Dharchula, Narayana Ashram; Chaukore are some awesome beautiful places here. Trekkingsare the main attraction. Kimani foods are very much popular here and are mostly vegetarian dishes, the components of which are soya beans and potatoes. With local herbs, the force is great in a test. Gahat and Bhatt are local beans that are frequently used in cooking. Bhang ki chutney which is made up of roasted seeds of the Hemp plant has an earthly test and keeps the body hot. Madhu ka roti and Thathari are the other delicacies of this place. The literary meaning of Munsiyari is “place with snow”. Sometimes it is also described as the little Kashmir. The picturesque beauty is famous here. This place is the base of Milam, Rolam, and Namik Glacier. There are many flights between Dehradun and Munsiyari through Pantnagar airport, it takes 1 hour to reach Kathgodam the nearest railway station. Through roadways, buses are available if you want to get the charm of the surroundings.

Almora, Uttarakhand

Almora is situated in Uttarakhand. On a ridge at the southern age of the Kumayon Hills a share of the Himalayan range, the place is situated. The place has temperatures all throughout the year. Thousands of tourists visit the place all through the year. Kalyan Singh built this health settlement during the time of the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. After that Almora became a set of Chand kings who ruled over the Kumayani Kingdom. Many notable temples are there in Almora. Kosar Devi Devi temple was visited by Swami Vivekananda. Devagiri, Rudreshwar Mahadev temple, etc. are some famous temples nearby. Pandukholi is another temple that is famous as Pandavas spent some time here during their escapement. Pili daal is a simple pulse food, which is made up of black lentils and black grains. Phasgappa which is a dish made up of pork, the crusher Chemwani made of Mountain radish and potatoes and Aloo ka Gutka made with fried Chilli are the delicacies of Almora. Cultural heritage, extinguishing wildlife, and exhilarating views of mountains make Almora a must-visit place. The peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul are visible from here. Kathgodam is the nearest station which is well connected with the other parts of the country. By flight, Pantnagar airport is the closest. The place is well connected by road by Uttaranchal State Transport Corporation. Cabs are also available here.

Mowllynnong, Meghalaya

It is a village situated in the state of Meghalaya in northeast India. In The Incredible India Mawllynnong is described as God’s own garden. It is also declared the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. The picturesque beauty of the village attracts tourists all over the world. The site of natural balancing rock is another attraction of the place. The village is really during the monsoon as for the greenery all over it. Waterfalls and flowering orchids added beauty to the village. Bamboo garbage bins can be seen in each hook and corner of the village to maintain cleanliness. It has the Crown of the cleanest village in Asia and India during 2003 and 2005 respectively a view of Bangladesh is visible from here as it is situated on the Indo-Bangladesh border. The people here Converse in English and our complete example of cleanliness. Living root bridges which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site are situated here. The local food of this place is exquisite as all are made from organically made vegetables. It is used to come from house bread birds and animals. Pork made in banana leaves or Tungrymbai, made from soybean, local spices, and bamboo leaves is made here. The nearest airport is Guwahati and it is also the nearest railway station to stop through Shillong by road you have to reach the place with a picturesque view.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is a village situated in Arunachal Pradesh and is on the tentative list for the nomination of a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The Ricefields surrounded by Pine clad gentle Hills are the famous sights of the place. Ziro Valley is an entrancing holiday destination in North East India. The quaint villages and rolling Green Hills with spectacular fauna make the village a soul seekers Paradise. In herbal nature lovers and photographers come here to enjoy the eternal Splendors of nature. For the adventure seekers, trekkers, or jungle camping village will live nobody disappointed. The elevation of the place is 5005 Hundred feet above sea level. The scenic beauty is great here with lashing Pine trees, and bamboo forests which make it one of the most photogenic villages in incredible India. In the case of accommodation, the place is comprised of budget hotels and guest houses. The nearest airport to reach zero is Lilabari and Naharlagun is the closest railway station. It is 115 kilometers from the state capital Itanagar through which one can reach the place written or through the Assam route. Aptanic feature is followed in this place. JhumCultivation is prominent here. The torrent fish farm, Kile Paulo, TalkeyValley wildlife sanctuary, Meghna Cape Temple, Shiva Linga, and Dollo Mondo are some places to visit near. Although it has soothing weather all through the year summer is the best time to visit this place. Rise, bamboo shoot varieties, and Sabji are the specialty is of food in this place.

Khimsar, Rajasthan

This village is located amidst the sand dunes of the third desert. The appearance is rustic with some luxurious huts which are also eco-friendly being built here. The savor and tranquillity of the Thar Desert is the specialty here. The mini-lake is just like a Mirage. The sunset is colorful and covered with golden Sands. A cup of coffee or a meal around the Bonfire is possible here. Rajasthani specialty dishes are being served here with delicacy. A Jeep Safari or a camel ride into the forest is another attraction of this place. It is Halfway between Jodhpur and Nagaur in between the Thar Desert. The Fort is built around the 16th century. It is blood-scared walls that tell the stories of that time. The magnificence of this castle in between the sand dunes will enchant everybody. A romantic trip through the keep, camel on horseback is a must. The 20th lineage of the royal family still resides here within the fort. The Fort is now a hotel and the hotel staff is the descendants of Royal Courtiers. The hospitality is great as it comes from the inner core of the heart. Jodhpur is the nearest airport which is just 92 kilometers from here which is well connected with all the purposes of our country State transport bus facilities of Rajasthan and cabs are also available. To Jodhpur Railway station here one can reach which is a spectacular destination of our Incredible India.

Diskit Village, Ladakh

Diskit is a spectacular village that is 120 kilometers away from Leh Town. In the age of the Shayok valley, this village can be found. In ancient times the trades were done through this and are considered a stopover between Tibet and China for the Caravans. Through Khardung La Pass the place can be reached. Barren lands And the Hills without greenery are the specialties of the year. Through barren sand dunes, all-Terrain vehicle rights can be possible. Some water streams and parts of green might be available here. On the road from Leh, it will take five hours to reach Diskit. Leh is the nearest airport. Buses are also available from Leh which is available 4 days a week. Cabs are also available. Various accommodations are available here. Home stills are there for budget travelers. No restaurants are there but plenty of Dhabas are available. Soup, momos, and noodles are the specialties of this place. Chapati, dal rice, and Rajma are the other delicacies. The summer months are the best time to visit. Diskit monasteries or gompa is the most important place to visit here. This gompa has a statue of Maitreya Buddha and other religious objects. Hunter’s monastery and Lachung temple is also situated here. Camel ride is another attraction. Walking is the best part to enjoy the beauty of the place. A must-visit place in Ladakh, it is in our Incredible India.

Majuli, Assam

A river island on the Brahmaputra in Assam Majuli is the first district in Assam that becomes an island district in India. The island is accessible through a fairy from Jorhat. The place is the abode of the Assamese new Vaiishnavite culture. Tribal and non-tribal are living here. Missing, Assamese and Devri are spoken languages. It consists of 144 villages with a medium population. Jorhat is the nearest airport and railway station and also the place where the fairies are available. From Guwahati luxury buses bus services are available via Lakhimpur. AaliAai Keegan is the main festival that takes place in the month of February. Purang Aping, Apong, and dishes made up of pork, fish, and chicken are the delicacies here. Traditional Missing dance Gumrag Soman is performed in each and every village. Majuli is the cultural capital and the cradle of Assamese civilization. Antiques are predominant. Even in the time of the Harappan Civilization, this place exists. Raas festival is also taking place here. Main Industry is agriculture with some unique varieties like Komal soul, Bora saul, etc. Handloom is another industry where Moonga Silk is made. Bird watching is another attraction. Majuli port has a role on and role off Feri system operated by inland waterways Authority of India.

Nako, Lahul Spiti

Situated on the Indo-China border, Nako is a part of the Kinnaur district Where Nako Lake is a prominent feature as the border of the village. Nako monastery which was established in 1025 is a part of this village several other Buddhist Gompus other specialty is of here. The oldest Hall of the Nako monastery is named Dakhong. And is related to Vajrayana Buddhism. The monastery is decorated with Mandala. A shrine of decorated Mongyal is another interesting object here. Nako Lake is an integral part of the region. As Padmasambhava visited this place a shrine has been made up at this place. Willow and poplar trees are predominant here. Boating facility during summer and ice skating during winter takes place here and the trail around Nako is the utmost fascinating attraction of this place. Roadways are the best to reach Narco. Taboo and Kibber can be watched on the way. Taxis can be booked from Shimla or Rampur. Buses are also available. The nearest airport and railway station is Shimla. From there Roadways are the only option.

Gokarna, Karnataka

It’s a pilgrimage that is a destination of Hindus in incredible India. The sacred site of Mahabaleshwar Temple can be viewed here. Koty Teertha is another wanted pilgrimage to visit. The main temples of Lord Shiva who is also known as Mahabaleshwara is the main God here. Through train and bus services Gokarna is well connected with the major cities of India like Chennai, Bengaluru Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumba It is regarded as one of the seven most important pilgrimages of the Hindus which is by the side of the river Agrasen. Many foreign tourists also visit the place due to its laid-back, unspoiled, and rustic nature. Gokarna is a land of Palm trees, blue Seas, and Golden Sands. Being a village on the coast of Kaewar, the Pristine beaches and awesome landscape attract tourists from all over the world. Om beach, Mahabaleshwara Temple, Paradise Beach, Kundli beach, etc are some important spots to visit here. Water sports play an important role. All types of Exotic items of food are available here. Fresh Pineapple juice and Nutella pancakes are delicacies of this area.

Villages are a part of life in our Incredible India. A list of Twelve beautiful villages is described here. Many such villages are there. Pack your bag and explore the places which can be one of the twelve beautiful villages in India.

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