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Top 10 Most Horror Places in India | People Must Avoid | Incredible India

Being described as a land of undiscovered mystery, Incredible India is attracting travelers from all over the world to visit horror places and enjoy the mystical energy which can be smelled all over the country. These traits also make India a populated tourist destination. When people tried to search for places with a supernatural element, India becomes the ultimate destination because of the haunted places situated here. The abandoned places are becoming the most wanted places because of their unique nature.

Some people are also afraid to visit places that are haunted by spirits but even though they like to hear the stories of spirited destinations. Sometimes ‘Ghost Camps‘ are organized to attract travelers. Ghostbusters Camps are trying to reveal the strangeness of the place by monitoring them at night. The ‘Supernatural Detective ‘makes India able to come under the scanner of having ghostly places with their activities. The strange occurrences are experimented with by them before coming to the final conclusion.

The historical places are in the first row when the haunted places of India are described. Next come are the other junctures. Being in a ghostly place is a peculiar experience that everyone wants to have. At least once in one’s life, visiting such a place is a must.

Paranormal activities are being avoided by most people but some are there who actively seek out the mysterious unknown through the Adrenaline search and rush. The presence of spirits and ghosts are being a matter of debate for centuries and can never be solved.

Horror Places:

Actually, the numbers of haunted places are numerous in Incredible India. Being a place of a variety of extraordinary objects, the horror places are becoming an ultimate destination for ghost hunters. The abandoned forts, deserted villages, closed mines, and spooky hotels take the places of haunted places in India. If someone wants to be scary, India would be the ultimate destination for that person.

Some Must-See Haunting Destinations:

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:

Bhangarh is situated in the Alwar region of Rajasthan. It is one of the eeriest places in India and is considered one of the most haunted places in India. Even though a notification by the Archeological Survey of India is there and it is advisable not to enter the fort Fort during the night. It is a legally prohibited place and really a scary one.

During the 16th century, Singhia Tantrik, fall in love with Ratnavati, the Princess of the Fort. The Tantrik decided to use his magic to seduce the princess which was uncovered by the Princess and he was sentenced to death. Tantrik cursed the palace and it became a ruined one, roofless and deserted. According to the local people, those who entered the palace after sunset never come back.

Delhi Cantonment:

If someone is in search of a film like a ghost Delhi Cantonment is the proper place to visit. It is a reputed haunted place in India that is deserted and dissolves during the dark. The story tells about a white-clad woman seeking a lift. If someone is not willing to give her a lift she runs at a speed that is equal to or more than the speed of the vehicle. But the person who allows her to lift is never to be seen again. According to the local lights that are the spirit of the Women’s hitchhiker good diet after waiting for a long to get help. The fact is that the occurrences are reported quite frequently.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat:

Dumas Beach is situated by the side of the Arabian Sea which is one of the horror places in India. It is now renowned for its black sand. It says that the beach was used as a beautiful place for the Hindus and now is possessed by various spirits. According to the local folk load, the Sands of the beach become black because of the burning ash of the dead people mixed up here. A number of paranormal activities are taking place here after the sunset. Some locals and tourists disappeared from here and a man was also found dead on the beach with a tongue which is peeping out. Strange sounds are coming from the beach. It seems some are laughing or crying. Some witness white operations, moving orbs, and myriads but in all the cases the causes are not known.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai:

Situated in Colaba Mumbai, Mukesh mills are a very popular destination for TV serials and Bollywood films. The structure of the building is sure to run down our shiver in your spine the people who walked here also had some paranormal experiences which were not usual it is situated by the side of the Arabian Sea and went out of business in 1980. The mill was shut down the letter on and got a deserted look which attracts the Bollywood directors to shoot their films. The people who visited the place told about some spooky activities like strange noises, lost things and on one or two occasions some people were sent to be possessed by the Spirits that it. That is the reason no late-night shooting is taken place near. Some actresses find it difficult to deliver that dialogue. Some heard the voice of some mail person to leave the place. But now it is being renovated so it onto your luck if you find the spirit or not.

Savoy Hotel, Mussourie:

Probably one of the most horrible places in India Savoy hotel has lots of mysteries in its old walls. Lady Garnet Orme, a spiritualist was murdered here brutally by poisoning and had a painful death. Her doctor was also murdered in the same manner here. The mystery remains unsolved. The spirit of the lady still can be seen in the corridors. Unknown whispers, banging of doors and the view of the lady are witnessed by some of the Guests here.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad:

This place is located in Anasur village near Hyderabad. Shot of several movies is done here. But some unnatural incidents occur like the fall of lights or the light men being pushed off. The green is also said to be haunted according to the actresses. Doors getting locked on their own or having half-eaten food in the room are some common incidents here. Sometimes Urdu words are found written in the mirror. The case of all these incidents is not known but it is said that the film city is built over the battlefield of Nizams and spirits belong to the soldiers who lost their lives in wars.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla:

Lonavala is a popular destination among the people of Mumbai and Pune as a weekend destination. During the monsoon months, the number of visitors increased due to its pleasant weather. Among all the hotels hear Raj Kiran Hotel is believed to be haunted. Strange things are experienced in one of the rooms which is on the ground floor behind the reception desk. The room is not allotted to anyone unless it is really required. The feeling of someone’s presence, the lifting of bed sheets, and the presence of blue light near the feet are common ones. The mystery can never be solved but no one really wants to stay in this room as they feel those strange things all around.

Shaniwar Wada, Pune:

In 1730 Bajirao I built Shaniwar Wada. In 1828, a great fire broke out which was unexplained but a large part of the Fort was destroyed. The survived part is shown to the public now. At the age of 18 years, Peshwa Narayana Rao came into power. His aunt Anandibai was jealous of him. So she brainwashed Raghunath Rao to issue an arrest warrant for Narayan Rao which was actually an execution order. The young king fled for begging his life to his uncle. But unfortunately, his uncle could not save him and he was assassinated. The spirit of Narayan Rao still haunts the Fort on full moon nights. At that time his cries can be heard. His last words ‘Kaka Mala Vachala’ or ‘Uncle save me’ can be heard in the middle of the night. The night in Shaiwar Wada gives an eerie feeling

Dow Hill, Kurseong:

Dow Hill is considered one of the most haunted places in India. It is in the state of West Bengal which I’d consisted of Victoria Boys School and its surrounding forests. It is said that a number of murders were associated with that place. Death Road, Headless Corpse, the hounding forest, etc are some horror places which are consisting in Kurseong.’ In the land of Orchids’, the city of Kurseong is also a haunted place as for the presence of Dow Hill here. A small stretch of road known as ‘ Death Road’, where woodcutters often complain about the chilling account of a headless boy who disappeared in the wood by walking on the road. Sometimes red eyes are staring at the people. The people who entered the nearby forest have gone mad but the cause is still unknown.

The Victoria Boys School, which is situated by the side of the wood is also a haunted one. When the school remains closed loud whispers and footsteps are heard from inside the school. The black eerie forest and the mystical surroundings make the place a horror place in India through its appearance.

Agrasen ki Boli, New Delhi:

The monument is situated in Delhi and is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is surrounded by mysteries as no one knows who actually built these steps well. The unique architecture is 60 m long and 15 m wide but is very narrow. The water by which it is filled with his black and nowadays it is dried up. Actually, it is like a suicidal spot where people who came led to kill themselves by drowning. It seems someone, inside the water, calls them to get into the water. The feeling of being followed is another mysterious thing here. The 103 steps are followed by someone and you can hear the footsteps. Very few people are coming here in spite of free entry.

The spooky ways are always thrilling and a matter of interest. The presence of a ghost is always scary. When the story gets to reality it’s tough to carry on. In our Incredible India, we have to watch lots of this type of thing. Many people might not believe in supernatural events but the horror places of India make us believe in the situation. The haunted places in India make us understand the world which is beyond our imagination. Visit the places but never believe in negative powers. Be happy, and stay safe.

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